Unforgettable Seaside Weddings at Vila Valdepian, Istria

Unforgettable Seaside Weddings at Vila Valdepian, Istria


 Ever pictured your wedding by the sea? A golden sunset as your backdrop? Vila Valdepian makes this dream real.


Personalized Just for You

Every wedding at Vila Valdepian is unique. Every detail is meticulously planned. Crafted memories as special as your love wait for you.
Vila Valdepian makes your wedding day intimate and extraordinary. This serene villa is the perfect canvas for your love story.


A Culinary Experience to Match Your Love

True love deserves a true feast. At Vila Valdepian, culinary offerings pamper your heart and taste buds. Exceptional chefs sprinkle an extra touch of magic on your special day.
Your dream menu should be uniquely yours. The team at Vila Valdepian encourages early meetings with couples. Work hand-in-hand to design your perfect menu. Tell them your wishes. Make your wedding flavor truly yours.


Ensuring Every Detail is Perfect

Perfection is the standard on your special day. The staff at Vila Valdepian are devoted to your vision. From the first meeting to the last dance, they orchestrate flawless celebrations.

Begin Your Forever in the Beauty of Istria

Nestled in beautiful Istria, Vila Valdepian isn't just a venue; it's your forever starting point. Say "I do" with the Istrian seascape as your backdrop. Create a lifetime of memories.

Picturesque Istrian Charm

Istria is more than a backdrop; it's a character in your love story. Olive groves, historic towns, and crystal-clear waters define this jewel of Croatia. Vila Valdepian sits at the heart of this charm.
Want an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception? No problem. Your vision, your choice.

Your Guest's Comfort is a Priority


Photo: Vila Valdepian (ALT: Superior Dvosobni apartma z balkonom)

Accommodation at Vila Valdepian is comfortable and inviting. Your guests won't just attend; they'll relax in comfort. Each room radiates warmth.

 Secure Your Date at Vila Valdepian

Ready to turn your dream wedding into reality? The dedicated team at Vila Valdepian sure is. Early consultations are recommended. Secure your date and cater to your unique wishes.

More Than a Wedding: An Experience

Vila Valdepian is more than a venue. It's an experience. One that you and your guests will cherish forever. For more details on what awaits you, visit Vila Valdepian Events.

Your dream wedding—a blend of love, luxury, and unparalleled natural beauty—awaits you at Vila Valdepian. Say "I do" amidst the serene landscapes of Istria, and let Vila Valdepian craft a day as unforgettable as your love.
The dream is yours. Vila Valdepian is here to make it come true.


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