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Experience Istria

Once a climatic health resort for children, the charming Villa Valdepian today offers an unforgettable experience and well-being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its rich tradition guarantees carefree relaxation.

Towns of priceless cultural and natural beauty in the interior of Istria invite you into their embrace so you can find inner peace in their numerous well-hidden tranquil spots. Relive interesting Istrian stories experienced and written by the locals and, if you wish so, the hustle and bustle and lively city streets on the coast. Villa Valdepian is an excellent starting point for cycling and hiking along beautiful and intact Istrian trails as well as for day trips to the nearby and distant surroundings.


Free time in Villa Valdepian


  • Uncover the beauties of Istria on two wheels More »

    Uncover the beauties of Istria on two wheels

    Discover the splendors of Istria on an electric bicycle while on vacation at a historic villa situated by the sea.

    Our villa provides an ideal base for exploring the renowned cycling routes in the vicinity.

    Cycling is not only an excellent means of preserving the environment but also of maintaining one's health.

    In line with current trends, we offer rides on electric bicycles. The electric bike allows for a leisurely ride without exertion while simultaneously enjoying the magnificent landscapes and fresh sea air.

    Take advantage of the well-known benefits of cycling - you will feel rejuvenated, unwind, and effortlessly explore the hidden treasures of Istria.

    Book your stay at the historic villa and embark on a two-wheeled adventure!

  • Sail peacefully on the serene Adriatic Sea atop a paddleboard. More »

    Sail peacefully on the serene Adriatic Sea atop a paddleboard.

    Indulge in the splendors of the Adriatic Sea while residing in our Villa Valdepian as you enjoy our paddleboards.

    Envision relaxation as you leisurely glide on the paddleboard, surrounded by the azure sea or a breathtaking sunset. The paddleboard, an essential accessory for recreational enthusiasts in recent years, offers a novel experience for those seeking a new endeavor.

    The paddleboard presents an excellent opportunity for maintaining fitness while immersing oneself in the stunning environment. Renowned for its muscular benefits, paddling on it strengthens the body's muscles, enhances physical balance, and, most importantly, soothes the mind.

    Moreover, paddleboarding provides a unique chance to explore hidden coves and beaches along the coastline.

    Seize your board and embark on the adventure!

  • Canoeing and the Sea - All We Need More »

    Canoeing and the Sea - All We Need

    Picture yourself paddling through the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea at sunset, surrounded by a magnificent landscape and the scent of salt in the air. It is simply enchanting, isn't it?

    Explore all the hidden coves and beaches along the stunning Savudrija coastline, experience a profound connection with the sea, and allow it to divulge its hidden tales to you.

    In addition to being an exceptional way to maintain fitness, canoeing offers you an unparalleled closeness to the sea and nature.

    Indulge in the silence, tranquility, and beauty of nature as you paddle, listening to the sounds of the waves and feeling the beneficial effects of outdoor exercise.

    Embrace all the benefits of canoeing and choose to spend your leisure time in nature, surrounded by the exquisite Adriatic Sea.

  • HIKING More »


    Istria offers numerous possibilities for discovering the beautiful nature and cultural attractions. Surrounded by the pristine nature, you will be able to restore your inner balance, rest, and recharge yourself. The area offers everything from short walks to more demanding hikes up and down the Istrian slopes, tastings and visits to vineyards, olive terraces, or local truffles hunters.
  •  ISTRA More »


    The varied landscape, characterised by fertile soil and lovely seaside towns, will charm you on every step and amaze you with the scent of lavender and the taste of typical olive oil. This historically rich and culturally interesting landscape with terraced olive groves, vineyards and fruit plantations boasts natural beauty complemented by friendly and hearty people.

    Istrian villages and towns

  • GOLF More »


    Near Villa Valdepian, there is a professional 18-hole golf course with a total length of 6,360m spread over 80 hectares. Just like all seaside golf courses, Golf Adriatic can be pretty challenging due to the wind, in addition to strategically placed bunkers and cleverly designed greens. The course fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape with its rocks, natural lakes, and typical evergreen vegetation, which are characteristic of the Mediterranean landscapes.





    Challenge yourself with a hunt for aromatic truffles and get to know all their secrets. We will set off into the forest to collect truffles and learn all about them from an experienced truffle hunter and his trained dog. Along the way, we will find out if truffles are really an aphrodisiac and, with a little bit of luck, actually find some under the roots of trees.

    The trip is suitable for organized groups, families or couples. The entire experience can also be curated for teambuilding groups.



    For all lovers of good wine, we organise guided tastings and tours of estates and cellars, where you will surrender to the aromas and exceptional flavours of the best Istrian wines. In the selected cellars, you will also be able to indulge in culinary delicacies such as Istrian prosciutto, cheese, homegrown olives, and olive oil in addition to top quality wine, as well as a range of other typical Istrian delicacies.

    This tour can be organised for large or small groups, as well as for individual guests.



    Have you ever thought about how many flavours salt can have? The possibilities are countless. During our tour, you will get to know the most interesting salts and learn to conjure up a delicious snack with just a few ingredients and right salt. You will meet the master of fusion salts and learn his story. The experience can be combined with a cycling trip.

    This visit can be arranged for large or small groups as well as for individual guests.




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