Bistro Anna’s Garden: Istria’s Culinary Epicenter

Bistro Anna’s Garden: Istria’s Culinary Epicenter


 Bistro Anna's Garden - The Culinary Pulse of Istria


Photo: Anna's Garden (ALT: Meal with a glass of white wine at Anna's Garden)

Where Tradition Greets the Future

At Bistro Anna's Garden, Istrian heritage proudly takes center stage, enhanced by touches of modern culinary techniques. Here, ancient recipes are reimagined, ingredients transform, and every bite resonates with Istria's rich history.

A Tribute to Local Produce

Every dish at Anna's Garden is a testament to Istria's fertile landscapes. We're committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients right from our backyard, ensuring an authentic taste in every bite. Through our menu, you'll experience nature's rhythm, the changing seasons, and thediverse flavors they bring.

Cuisine for Every Craving

From sunrise to sunset, Anna's Garden promises a culinary treat. Whether you're starting your day with our nutrient-rich breakfasts, indulging in a mid-day spuntini, or settling down for a meticulously crafted dinner, our menu promises to entice, surprise, and satisfy.

A Tapestry of Flavors

Istria's diverse geography, from its shimmering coasts to its robust interiors, reflects in our cuisine. Merging the best of Slovenian, Croatian, and Italian influences, our dishes are a harmonious dance of flavors. They capture the region's essence, painting a comprehensive picture of Istria's culinary wealth.

Dining with a View

Photo: Villa Valdepian (ALT: Aerial view of Villa Valedpian)

Our terrace offers more than just food. With the shimmering Adriatic offering a serene backdrop and the majestic Alps watching from a distance, every meal becomes a multisensory experience. Relish our spuntini, sip on Istria's exquisite wines, and let the ambiance transport you.


Rediscover the Familiar

Under hands of the team Chef Marko Gorela's expert hands, familiar tastes find a fresh perspective. His magic lies in extracting the nostalgia from traditional dishes, adding innovative twists that make them contemporary yet comfortably recognizable.

From Quiet Dinners to Grand Events

Bistro Anna's Garden is as versatile as its menu. Whether you're looking for a quiet dinner spot, a business lunch venue, or a place to host your grand event, we cater to every need. With a capacity to host up to 100 guests, every occasion becomes memorable.

Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Expertise

Our dishes are nature's stories, retold by Chef Marko Gorela. We pick ingredients at their peak, ensuring flavors are at their zenith. Each item on our menu captures the season's essence, telling stories of Istria's abundant nature.

Istria waits to share its stories, legacy, and heart with you. At Bistro Anna's Garden, this narrative unfolds one dish at a time. Be a part of our tale. Dive deep into Istria's culinary offerings and witness the magic firsthand.


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