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Reliefly varied landscape, surrounded by fertile land and lovely seaside towns, will take you at every turn and stun you with the scent of lavender and the taste of typical olive oil. Historically rich and culturally interesting landscape, where terraced olive groves, vineyards and orchards are spread, it boasts natural resources, surrounded by friendly and cordial people.

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    The Maker intended to shape a part of the Earth to the image of Heaven. That is how Istria came into being, like a garden covered with magnificent trees and vast meadows, washed by the deep blue sea, appealing people to a happier life.

    But the jealous devil destroyed his work by tearing the bag in which the angel was carrying the unused stones. Thousands of rocks scattered around the Istrian land making it a land of contrasts, gentle and rough, fertile and barren, sunny and cloudy.

    The desolated angels gathered the pieces of Heaven remaining among the scattered rocks and protected them by the sea waves and created Brijuni.

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    The Buje-Buie Region stretches from the river Mirna to the river Dragonja, which also marks the border line with the Republic of Slovenia. This is an area with wavelike hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and fields sprinkled with oak, cerris and pine woods and Mediterranean meadows with wild thyme and fir trees and a karst belt full of interesting geological phenomena. Today, the entire region of Buje-Buie is the most famous winegrowing part of Istria with numerous wine cellars and farmhouses (agritourism). There are lovely medieval towns in the vicinity; the most famous ones are Grožnjan-Grisignana, Momjan and Završje.

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    Explore Buzet
    Buzet is situated in the very north of Istria near the border with Slovenia. Its historic core, dating from the Middle Ages lies on a hilltop above a fertile valley of the longest Istrian river – the Mirna. Today, Buzet is widely known as the 'City of Truffles' since the forests along the Mirna River are especially rich in this divine tuber

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    Grožnjan-Grisignana, a small Istrian town of great cultural significance not only in Croatia but also internationally, lives its summer months very intensely. Every year at the beginning of May, the little streets and squares of Grožnjan-Grisignana metamorphose and turn into a truly artistic beehive: it opens its summer music academies for young people, its artistic, dance and drama workshops and its peace activism workshops under the leadership of well-known experts and teachers and famous names from music, art and drama.

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    In the northern part of Istria, overlooking the Mirna River valley, lies surely the most famous and attractive Istrian medieval town of Motovun-Montona. This captivating hilltop town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian interior. The Romanesque-Gothic bell tower with a crenulated crown from the 13th century, standing next to the Parish Church of St. Stephen from the 17th century, dominates the town's historic core. In the central square is the Romanesque Municipal Palace, the largest secular building in Istria of that period surrounded by many other historic buildings. As Motovun-Montona has long since been an attractive and popular tourist destination accommodation is offered in the town centre, in hotel Kaštel situated in the restored palace of the Polesini family.

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    A town grown on salt

    Discover a town at the very end of the Piranese peninsula, adorned by timeless sensational romance. A deep-rooted tradition of salt panning merges with countless stories of the narrow town streets and the picturesque sights of the Slovenian Mediterranean.
    Welcome to the town of love, of countless emotions and eternal tales. Welcome to Piran.

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    Poreč, a place where all the values of traditional and modern Mediterranean come together. The charm of the old town with its mosaics and sights under the auspices of UNESCO, the tradition of wine and olives cultivation, local varieties and groceries, quiet coves, long coastline and green interior riches that we have inherited and preserved. But what specifically defines our past and builds our future is the art of providing a warm welcome since 1845, when Poreč was enlisted as tourist destination and when the first travel guide with a description of the town was printed.

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    It’s time for fun, recharging batteries, having a great time in good company and plenty of positive vibes. Pula is the ideal city for the best entertainment. Memories of a summer spent in Pula will last forever. Open air terraces with great music, delicious food accompanied with a glass of fine Istrian wine, night walk through the lively city streets, charming narrow climbs in the historic center and different types of music heard everywhere – experience all this and much more in Pula. Enjoy a surprise concert in the magnificent Pula Arena, also the perfect venue for gladiator fights offering a real thrilling experience. Every year in July you can enjoy watching movies on the world’s most beautiful stage under the stars, with the spectacular fireworks marking the opening of the traditional Pula Film Festival. Relax with the soothing rhythms of street musicians in one the many city squares, enjoy the twirling performance of majorettes, numerous musicians and performers, visit interesting exhibitions in city galleries, taste olive oil in the House of Istrian Olive Oil, get a glimpse of the everyday life of Pula’s citizens several decades ago at the Memo Museum, enter the underground world of Pula and explore the amazing ZeroStrasse tunnel system, visit the magnificent Aquarium Pula at Verudela, relax and enjoy the beauty of art installations of Verudela Art Park while sipping coffee overlooking the sea…a memorable experience indeed! If you prefer nature and outdoor activities, Pula is the perfect place. Numerous running and cycling trails along the sea or through the woods will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Pula boasts 30 kilometers of coastline, crystal-clear sea, beautifully maintained city beaches with a variety of sports facilities especially water sports such as kayaking, diving, surfing, sailing, swimming and many other sports challenges. It’s up to you to discover them. And if you don’t “catch” the warmest months of the year, Pula has plenty to offer all year round. Thanks to its mild climate, various outdoor cultural and sports events are organized throughout the year. So, come to Pula, have a great time, feel those positive vibes of the three-thousand-year-old city, and you will surely wish to stay here forever!
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    On the magnificent coast of Istria (Croatia), right below the Lim Fjord, is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean! The town of Rovinj is the right destination for all of you seeking a sentimental atmosphere of the times that have forever gone by. In the Mediterranean, you can find it here, in the town that has begun its romantic life on an island, its restricted area resulting in crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism. On the seaside, the town is protected by a high rocky shore and house walls built on cliffs, while the mainland side is protected by solid walls. The town is dominated by the baroque St. Euphemia’s Church, its 60-meter tower providing a view of grey and red rooftops and chimneys, streets and squares, the port and pier with ships and boats, and the marina harboring yachts. This unique old town core, the 67-kilometer shoreline, 2,289 ha of protected green surfaces and improved park forests, 16 islands, islets and reefs, make this town unique. Built upon a rich fishermen’s tradition, it has become distinctive for its unique boat called batana and its songs bitinada. Its beauty was particularly appreciated by artists who have painted the most beautiful motifs here and exhibited them on Grisia, the street of artists. This is place providing endless options – walks in wonderful nature, sport and recreation activities, sailing, diving, climbing, biking, discovering hidden beauties, cultural antiques, archeological sites and culinary specialties, all combined with accommodation in high-quality hotels, tourist resorts and camps providing numerous possibilities for a pleasant holiday, wellness delights, business conferences and sporting activities. Romantic and mysterious, yet full of options for an unforgettable time, Rovinj has become and will remain a town you want to revisit.
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    Tinjan has always been a border area town. In the time of the Romans Attinianum protected the borders of Poreč's ager (from Latin: state owned land for public use) from the poorly Romanized peninsular inland and it also monitored the route towards Tarsatica. During MiddleAges it became one of the pillars of Majnard Črnogradski's properties in Pazin-Pisino and along with the Pazin-Pisino castle got by means of a wedding liaison under the rule of the Gorica earls. It was for them that Tinjan fortress safeguarded the often attacked west borderline towards the Aquileia patriarch's properties. In the same way from 1374 till the Napoleonic rule it protected its new owners , the imperial family Habsburg, from the fervent borderline of the Pazin-Pisino county towards the Venetian properties. Despite being itself a borderline Tinjan has never been a solitary fortress but on the other hand since 1587 it has proclaimed itself –a town. Today Tinjan is a place that proudly preserves its history and tradition whether it relates to the symbols of the area – stone dry walls and pools, Istrian traditional tools (kosiri and rankuni), folklore and architectural heritage, folk tales or legends, or relating to superior gastronomic specialities such as Istrian smoked ham (pršut).The tradition of the production of superb smoked ham is nowadays in Tinjan area preserved by numerous registered smoked ham manufactories and in 2006 Tinjan proclaimed itself the Municipality of Istrian smoked ham.

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